Present Imperfect

Remastered. 11 Sep 2017
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Producer Jon Poole captures the finest fruits of the songwriting partnership of singer Gordon Glass and guitarist Sean Walmsley on this, the first official Ablemesh album release.

Recorded in 1995, this guitar-driven gem remained unreleased until mastered in 2006 and anchored to the band's website. Now remastered for 2017 you can finally download individual songs including the much-loved Mountaineer.

The album was orginally conceived as two sides of a vinyl LP, So, you’ll still find Side 1 and Side 2 mixes here with songs flowing seemlessly into each other like they did on the master tape.

Miraculously the performances were all originally captured on a 4-track cassette recorder. But a close listening reveals many sonic surprises you’d expect of a 24 track studio production!

Featuring Jon Poole (Dowling Poole) on bass and Bob Leith (Cardiacs) on drums.

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“Mountaineer - loaded with significance, celestial wisdom almost… all about forging individual paths - like footprints in fresh snow."

Mark, Audacious

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