Charlie and Ella in a car

Sunshine to mist

New album 2 Oct 2017
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What's this? A rewrite of historical events? Dream diary? First torn, shocked, sacked. Then... jubilant, in love with life. This is the new Ablemesh album - Sunshine to mist.

Songwriter Gordon Glass is joined by Jon Poole (The Dowling Poole, Cardiacs) on guitar and mix. Young singers Charlie Barbara and Ella Rae debut.

This is music stripped to the bone, or perhaps ripped wide open. More electronic this time. The voice is exposed. The soundscape is vast and sparsely populated. The guitar may weep, but more often it coaxes, energises and resolves to push on. There's funk, dub and ethereal beauty poking through the clouds.

We recall a kiss, Like sunshine to mist, It blew us away, So much warmth to savour...

Even a joyful spine tingling moment or two may await those ready to feel it..

“Some exquisite moments... poignant, thought-provoking , political"

Headphones on, eyes shut, relax into it.

Unusually, you get a download link for the original Garageband files for two of the songs when you buy this album. This means you can remix the tracks anyway you like.

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“Some exquisite moments... poignant, thought-provoking , political"


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