Gordon with fixator post RTA


"What is it with so called independent bands?

"What is it with so called independent bands? Of the one percent that are literate, 99.9% seem to think that throwing together a few images from the likes of Burroughs and Ballard somehow graces them with instant credibilty. They're talking through their arses. I find nothing to recommend RTA's, OD's, Self-Mutilation and Suicide. "

And if this isn't enough to put you off Ablemesh then perhaps the following facts will help.

1. On 18th May '92 the band's singer Gordon Glass underwent an 11 hour operation at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Overseen by the country's leading plastics and orthopaedics consultants, the operation (at Glass' request) involved procedures which made it a first of its kind in this country. Rather than the usual grafting of bone to a severely damaged shin using the fibula of the good leg, the singer asked that the four inches of bone and enveloping muscle be removed from his shoulder blade. Despite the unpleasant aftermath of such a lengthy operation (ie. nausea, morphine and a very sore back) the irrepressible frontman is now making excellent progress, so good in fact that he has totally refused to entertain the idea of gifts of beer and cookies from well-meaning friends.

(nb. On 23rd April 1990, GG's Vespa was struck from behind by a speeding 38 ton articulated lorry. The lorry driver pleaded guilty of driving without due care and lost points on his license. The singer suffered traumatic crush injuries to the right leg. Two years and over 15 operations later, surgeons are optimistic that the leg's ordeal is over.

2. After a recent MK Woughton Centre gig , there was much amusement in the mesh camp when a fan asked guitarist Sean what effects (pedals) he uses on stage. Sean's answer: "Oh, mostly a Braun electric, Mum's dictaphone and a Moulinex when I can get hold of one."

3. Following the band's successful jamming of Horizon Radio's frequency in order to make an unscheduled broadcast of their revolutionary Shareware CD, Ablemesh have been thoroughly overwhelmed by the media's sudden interest. Singer Gordon, still on his back in hospital, was visibly tickled by the news that ablemesh had featured alongside Guns 'N Roses in the NME (p55. 30th May issue) and alongside the Wedding Present in The Guardian (p28. June 11th issue). Moreover, the group's cheeky exploits seem, if anything, to have endeared them to those on the receiving end. Clive Dickens, Head of Music for Horizon and Chiltern, has taken to the idea of Shareware to such an extent that he has playlisted it across his entire independent network. Capitol Radio are also said to be planning a major Shareware feature.

Whilst the band's luck seems to go from strength to strength, the frontman says he is still far too weak to contemplate signing a recording contract and delivering the band into the hands of a 'bunch of incompetents.'

A permanent copy of Shareware is kept at the MK County Library. Others are currently circulating Radio stations and Universities.

Ends | 1 June 1992 | Republished Aug 2017

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