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Ablemesh Cancel Life 7” single

Secret Diaries

The secret diary reveals how the band, aided by a gun-toting tour manager, braved youth hostels, snow drifts and the sex industry to unite East and West Germany in a mutual appreciation of Ablemesh.

Audacious Fanzine with Flexi-Disc

Tour de force

"An interesting consequence of the current decline in music sales is likely to be the forced movement of the doggedly 'difficult' and wilfully marginal music innovators back into the commercial arena."

Long play cassette


"The Major Record companies surely present exceedingly lucrative openings for aspiring 'creative accountants'."


Dead right?

The positive thing about being in a band in 1992 is that these days songwriting seems no more ridiculous a career move than chasing yesteryear's mythological 'proper' job"

Ablemesh credit card stickers


"I'm serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer - SNAP. Top Ten - August '92."

Ablemesh Shareware master


"This week, chart success relies on the popularity of soap stars, the theft of popular children's TV theme tunes, and the idiocy of men in shorts."

Gordon with fixator, post RTA


"What is it with so called independent bands? Of the one percent that are literate, 99.9% seem to think that throwing together a few images from the likes of Burroughs and Ballard somehow graces them with instant credibilty."

Ablemesh Posh EP

You what?

"Unsigned bands are a pain in the arse. Especially when they are totally devoid of tunes, ideas, personalities, friends, and money for the bus fare."

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Sunshine to mist album sleeve

Sunshine to mist release 2 Oct 2017  

Featuring Jon Poole

For the new album Sunshine to mist songwriter Gordon Glass is joined by Jon Poole (The Dowling Poole, Cardiacs) on guitar. Young singers Charlie Barbara and Ella Rae debut. Check out videos of Jubiliant and Cargo from the album today.

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Present Imperfect album sleeve

Present Imperfect

11 Sep 2017 - out now!

"I love the extra bass" says singer Gordon.

Ablemesh's classic long player Present Imperfect has been remastered and can now be downloaded as 10 individual songs for the first time today.

Jon Poole's production is remarkable, making a 4-track cassette recorder sound more like a 24-track studio!

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