Sunshine to mist album sleeve

Sunshine to mist

2 Oct 2017 release

This paints wide open spaces in the mind. Gordon Glass sings, Charlie Barbara and Ella Rae support. Guitar and mix by Jon Poole. 12 new songs.

Songs: 1) Cargo 2) Pseudo Event 3) Icons 4) $6bn 5) Jubilant 6) Christmas Armistice 7) Middle East 8) A&E 9) Feeling 10) Rubble 11) Forever 12) Mastermind

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Present Imperfect album sleeve

Present Imperfect

11 Sep 2017 release

2017. Producer Jon Poole captures the band at its performing best.  Album  remastered for 2017. 

Songs: 1) Cancel Life 2) Little 3) Demonstration 4) Write on 5) Still 6) Crown Jewels 7) Mountaineer 8) Out of Control 9) In Hallucination 10) Present Imperfect

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Cancel Life 7" single

Cancel Life

7” Noiseburger Records

1995. Cancel Life and Little on vinyl. Both spikey first cuts. Very nicely packaged.  A handful still about online. 

Songs: 1) Cancel life 2) Little

Shareware master DAT tape

Shareware CD

How rare … and prescient

1992. One went in the library. Two were distributed in a chain letter ‘copy and pass it on’ fashion. 

Songs:1) Bottled 2) Crown Jewels 3) Still 4) Made 

Posh EP single

Posh EP

12” original line-up

1991. From the original line-up:  Gordon Glass, Sean Walmsley, Wig Worland and  Andy Allum.  Rare!

1) Crown Jewels 2) Little 3) Lover Boy 4) Write On

Audacious fanzine and flexidisc

What else?

Flexi discs, cassettes, demos

1994: No release but new songs like Lest I Fall, United, Headlines, Arrival and Whiplash are sounding great. 1993: Mountaineer on Audacious fanzine flexi disc.
1992: Fecund cassette - with Mountaineer and Grace.
1990 : 10 track demo includes Happy Shopper. Far Out wins repeated votes on Gary Crowley’s  demo clash. 

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