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An interesting consequence of the current decline in music sales...

"An interesting consequence of the current decline in music sales is likely to be the forced movement of the doggedly 'difficult' and wilfully marginal music innovators back into the commercial arena. The sparky collaboration between the hit writer and the deconstructionist producer is likely to be the only souvenir worth taking home from the early 90's."

1. On the second night of this year's Glastonbury Festival the band returned to their pitch to find a large empty space. Sniffing a practical joke, a search ensued which failed to uncover either tent, contents or occupants.

2. In an effort to get closer to the fans, Ablemesh have now extended the shareware concept beyond the music to certain items of clothing from the bands growing wardrobe. The band are particularly interested in swaps involving unacceptably loud corduroy trousers (esp. yellow & purple) and non matching shirts.

3. Whilst work on the 'difficult' second album continues apace, a sampler of present work is now available in the form of a flexi-zine released by MK's Audacious label. Sandwiched between two tracks by Peel favourites GAG and housed in a gorgeous 16 page fanzine, this flexible friend is available exclusively from Mark & Anna, 8 Crown House...

4. The band started the year by visiting A&R Diane Young at Sony HQ. Unfortunately Diane was so pre-occupied with looking through Loot that we left thinking she was a right one (when , in reality, she's probably never mismanaged funds, tooted expenses, had any acts that bombed or been anything short of perfec'). A few choice gigs followed in Leicester, in Bedford with the Trash Cans (Yuck!) and MK with the Keatons (Yum!). The band appeared in session and interview on Horizon and CRMK. Reviews came in... Sound On Sound saying "If their production was as good as their publicity blurb and their songwriting these guys would be stars by now" (Yah!), Press Release 6 generated a rash of phone calls from Select, Dedicated, One Little Indian, GO! Discs and most interestingly a reporter from Music Week who was clearly upset by our 'product placement' idea. In the studio, three tracks were laid down with production assistance from Andy Glass (Solstice) and Jon Poole (Cardiacs/Sea Nymphs). Bassplayer Sujay started drafting the outline of a mini rock opera using Mesh tunes. Drummer/photographer Wig went off to Germany with the Transworld Skateboard fraternity, celebrated his first night with a pint of 'weiss beir' and promptly fell into a fountain. Singer Gordon finally dispensed with his crutches and then the stick, then the hair. Guitarist Sean 'slummed' it in the Gran Canaries and started dating a sixth former. What a bummer of a Summer!

5. Gigs - Stony Stratford In Concert 12th Sept behind The Cock, 12-5pm.

Dave's Wedding Reception 25th Sept, invite only.

Ends | 6 Feb 1994 | Republished Aug 2017

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