Ablemesh credit card sticker


I’m serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer" SNAP.
Top Ten - August '92.

"I'm serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer" SNAP. Top Ten - August '92."

1. On the 12th August '92, Milton Keynes woke up to find the mysterious appearance of a brand new credit card in the shop window. Though no one has claimed responsibility for surreptitiously placing these stickers on every shop window in the city, it has been suggested that there may be some connection with local band Ablemesh.

2. On 25th August, Ablemesh performed a 4 song live radio session on BBC Radio Northampton. No big deal here....except that the session went out between 2 and 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon when the anticipated audience would consist of housewives and OAP's. The surprising thing is that the band was so well received that it appears to have found a completely new and unexpected market for its latest material. A tour of Old People's homes is now likely to follow the band's next gig (thought to be taking place somewhere in or around the all new Milton Keynes Prison.)

3. Contrary to common belief, Ablemesh are not responsible for the current spate of forged Orange badges entering the country. However, one of the band members is said to have spotted one of these wicked copies on a passing car and his detailed description has enabled us to build up this authentic black and white photofit image of the offensive item. (Peel the coloured square on the left to reveal your name).

4. Recording is now under way (upstairs) for the third Ablemesh EP release "Shareware 2". Like the original Shareware CD reported in The Guardian (June 11th), samples of these new works will be distributed through friends on a copy it and pass it on basis at no charge.

Ends | 1 Sep 1992 | Republished Aug 2017

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